Now Is Not The Time

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photos by Pablo Parra

Son las 10:15 p.m. mientras escribo esto y a decir verdad no deberia estar aqui pues tengo muchas tareas acumuladas y poco tiempo. Pero saben, me importa muy poco si bloggear me quita unos minutos del dia para poder escribir y decirles que jamas dejen que sus problemas del dia cotidiano les impidan hacer lo mas les gusta hacer. Jamas.


Rigth now it's 10:15 p.m. meanwhile I'm writing this and I shouldn't being here doing it because I have tons of homework from college, but I don't care cause I would not let college take one of my favorite hobbies away. So here I'm telling you that don't let your regular lifestyle stops your hobbies like do sports or arts. You can always make time, always.

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  1. Perfect denim shirt, Izael!! And you are right..If you want, you always can find time for it ^_^

  2. Those ripped jeans!! Im obsessed, and love the denim shirt x

  3. Cool look! Great shades and boots!
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  4. Sunnies & scarf are so cool!

  5. awesome outfit! your style is inspiring
    happy weekend!

  6. The whole outfit looks amazing, great combo between photos and the style :D


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