19-year-old Izael Garrido is a Men’s Style blogger and Graphic Design student from Mexico. His love for fashion and photography led him to create Style by Izael (now Le Clothes). He is still young and constantly learning from life, so this blog will also help to tell the story of how he becomes a style-conscious grown up man.

He loves TV Series & Films, yoga, whisky & beer and cold weather. He is not afraid of womenswear and likes to reinterpret its role and adapt it to menswear – there are no borders when it comes to clothing. His favourite colours are blue and black, specially when it comes to putting a look together. He loves hats, rings, short shorts and funny prints. He shoots with a Nikon D3200 with a 30mm lens.

Izael’s blog isn’t about fashion, it is about what we all feel like in what we wear daily and it will hopefully encourage everyone to be themselves in their own clothes.

If you want to get in contact with Izael you can send an email at:  
All photography by Kipzia G unless stated otherwise.