I want your high love and emotion, endlessly

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Izael Garrido (Le Clothes)

Si me ausento por largos periodos se debe a que me estoy dedicando a tomar fotografias callejeras que próximamente publicare en el blog, tal como mi anterior entrada. Ultimamente estoy mas motivado por estar detrás de la cámara que ser el modelo de la ropa. 


If I am off online for long periods is because I am shooting street style pictures for the blog, actually, I already have some material that I have not published yet. Lately I have been more interested to be behind the camera that being the model.

OBEY Wool Cardigan
OBEY Roses Tee
Vans Zipper Sneakers
Native Youth Skinny Jeans
Lacoste Vintage Sunglasses

Photos by Kipzia G

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