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Solestruck x Izael

Solestruck x Izael Solestruck x Izael Solestruck x Izael Solestruck x Izael Solestruck x Izael

photos by Kipzia G

Los sneakers/deportivas son esenciales para el verano, de las mejores adquisiciones que puedes tomar para estas fechas. En que estoy ahorita en casa de mis padres he usado mucho los míos sin parar por que con estas temperaturas ayudan mucho a estar cómodos. Tengo desde unos muy edgy hasta los clásicos Vans y Converse. Siempre hay que estar armado para crear outfits de todo estilo. Esta vez decidí uno casual pero con detalles que lo hacen único. 
Hace mucho que no usaba burgundy, fue a finales del año pasado que me dio un ataque por usar mucho este color, sin embargo creo que me excedí y me tuve que dar un tiempo para volver a traerlo al blog. Ahora que me encuentro en otra temporada totalmente diferente al invierno era el momento de ser mas creativos y traer unos chinos en burgundy idales para el verano. El outfit es tan sencillo: una camisa con un estampado divertido, unos sneakers, con estampado de carita feliz que combinan perfectamente con mi camisa, y unos lentes de sol. Un outfit perfecto para pasear en el mall o ir al cine con amigos.  


It has been a while since I wore burgundy, it was closing 2014 when I post many ideas wearing this color but I think I reach my limit so I needed a rest from this color. But now it's time to show some ideas of how to wear burgundy for summer. The look is really easy: a bananas printed shirt pairing it with my sneakers with smile faces, the perfect combo. The chino pants are the connection between those similar prints. I normally wear this kind of outfits to go to malls and movies with friends.
Sneakers will be your favorite footwear this summer, I don't have any regrets to adding some to my wardrobe for this season. Right now that I'm visiting my parents and I have been using them a lot because the weather is crazy so it helps me to stay comfortable and fresh. My footwear goes from edgy to classic ones like Converse and Vans, you don't know how you are going to create an outfit so you will always need options. This time I decided to go with a casual outfit but with an edgy touch with smile faces print in my shoes. If I were using a pair of classic white Chucks my outfit it would be really different from this one.

Dirty Velvet Tee
ZeroUV Sunglasses Shades
ASOS Menswear Chino Pants
Solestruck Menswear Smile Sneakers

Solestruck x Izael


  1. I love the outfit, the shirt is so eye-catching but so cool at the same time. Plus I love burgundy pants.


  2. Love that shirt!! Wonderful outfit.

  3. Muy chulo el look!
    Un beso

  4. Nice post as always! Kisses!

  5. Yes, I love this. My favorite is the photo of the camera tilting downward. And yep you did a great job picking those shoes. That's totally your style.

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  6. your style is so cool! love the bananas on your shirt! so rad!

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