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photos by Kipzia G

Estos ultimos meses me he visto obligado a entrar a el mundo de los adultos ya que cumpli 20 años y vivo por mi cuenta en una nueva ciudad.
No es algo que tenia planeado y muchos menos que me guste la idea pero tarde o temprano todos tenemos que afrontar esta realidad para poder crecer como personas.
Sin embargo cada vez que tengo la oportunidad de desprenderme de aquello lo hago, por eso me encuentro aqui, en una feria para recordarme que no hace mucho fui un adolescente despreocupado y es hora de seguir adelante.


These months I have forced to be part of  the adults world because I'm in my 20s since last November and because I'm living alone in a new city.
Well it's a little bit stressful and really complicated to be part of this club but sooner or later it was just meant to be. However every time I can be a child again I take it, like in this occasion, that's why I'm here because sometimes I just need to be a carefree teenager again.

Forever 21 Cardigan
H&M Men Sweater
H&M Men Scarf
ASOS Trousers
Dr Martens 1461 Boots
Forever 21 Necklace
H&M Rings



  1. Oh, I've been on carousel so looong time ago and now, when I saw your photos, I wanna go a kid..


  2. Love this casual yet stylish outfit. Great pictures.

  3. I love this! Thanks a ton for sharing, gorg! Wishing you the best Monday!

    Hope you can stop by my blog, for a fun little giveaway!

    xo. Nicole

    Evolution of Glam

  4. great outfit! I love your necklace!


  5. Love the necklace and arm candy (rings). By the way everyone is still a kid even when they have to act like adults, I know I am.

  6. La chaqueta y los complementos me encantan. Un look perfecto.

  7. Cool and stylish look!!

    xx /

  8. Great pictures!


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