Rainy Nights

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photos by Kipzia G

Frias noches con lluvias perfectas para un abrigo y una bufanda para caminar en las calles abrigado. El unico problema que encuentro es que ahora no puedo lucir mucha piel asi que la unica opcion que tengo es usar super skinny jeans para hacerme lucir delgado. Aun tengo que trabajar las maneras que tengo para poder hacer de mi outfit algo mas sexy en epocas de frio. Mientras tanto estoy conforme con estar abrigadito. Les dije que no paro de usar estos creepers y no era solamente por decir, literal, estoy usandolos mucho. Creo que he encontrado la manera perfecta para añadirlos a mis looks porque aunque no lo crean pasaron meses en mi armario sin usarlos y ahora no entiendo porque lo hice, son perfectos para mi estilismo.


These cold and rainy nights makes me feel like I don't want to go outside but I have to so I always wear a cozy & comfortable outfit. But how I can style a look without look like my grandpa? Well the secret is in the part below. As you can see I'm wearing skinny black jeans and creepers so I'm giving to my outfit another type of look, more edgy and young. It's really difficult sometimes to put together something tight and sexy as those skinny jeans when we are really cold but I'm working to find the secret to wear a sexy item even when the weather doesn't help. Meanwhile I am just going to suck it up.

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Caminando via Solestruck Spiked Oxford Creepers



  1. Don't worry you don't look anything like a grandpa! I understand though, sometimes when you're all bundled up you just don't feel like you look your best x

  2. You look awesome!


  3. I love this night time shoot! your coat is so chic

  4. Perfect jacket, Izael and those photos are great..I like how they look even it is shot at night..really perfect work ^_^
    I wish you nice week,


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