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photos by my roomie

Ser mitad tiempo blogger y mitad tiempo estudiante es muy cansado porque siempre me encuentro lleno de cosas por hacer y muy poco tiempo para realizarlas.
Estas dos semanas que estoy de regreso en la universidad me recordaron lo dificil que es mantener al constante mis redes y al mismo tiempo ser cumplido con mis materias.
Siempre he logrado un balance entre ambas gracias a que inicie mi blog hace mucho y a estas alturas ya no me quita tanto tiempo bloggear, sin embargo, las tareas aun logran quitarme las horas y dejarme sin aire.
Pero estoy determinado a continuar cueste lo que cueste pues no permitire que muera uno de las cosas que mas me gusta hacer en mi vida, compartir con ustedes mi vida.


Being a part time blogger and a student it's a pain in the ass. Sorry but you will understand me if you are in college and have a hobbie like a sport because you know that it doesn't let you free time to do it.
These two weeks have been really hard because I have been knowing my new teachers and new subjects. So I have been trying to take a break and blog but I couldn't these week.
I always find the secret to handle my time and blog and have good notes but it takes me time. So don't worry because I will never stop one of my favorite things in life, share my life with you.

Forever 21 Men Infinity Scarf
ZARA Men Long Sleeve Top
Forever 21 Womenswear Bag and Necklace
ZARA Men Belt
Calvin Klein Jeans Skinny Fit Jeans
Dr Martens 1461 Cherry Boots
Casio Watch



  1. Love the accessories, the scarf and bag are very nice x

  2. Love the "boyfriend" jeans <3

  3. Beautiful pics and perfect look

  4. Hello Dear ! This post is great, love your look ! :) You have an amazing blog ! :)
    Maybe we can follow each other ? :)

  5. Love the organization of your blog and love your style! Kiss

  6. I love the bag!

    xx, Renaud |

  7. Fabulous outfit and shoes!

    Greetings from Polish.

  8. Those doc martins are gorgeous, loving the rings too!

    Natalie Lines Blog

  9. Estoy enamorado de la pashina

  10. Nice look!

  11. Nice pics and delicious cupcake!

  12. Great accessories! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  13. Great outfit Izael! I love the details here from gold leaf necklace to the claw ring (swoon!) Have a great day! xo~ Lena


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