Geometric Shirt


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Photos by Genesis Serapio.

Saben que mi estilo es en base en tonos azules y negros pero siempre tanto de reinventarlo sacandome de mis zonas de comfort usando estos tonos en sus diversas texturas y formas. Asi que en este outfit practicamente lo logro usando esta camisa geometrica junto con una varsity jacket con detalles azules y rematando con unos zapatos derby en mezclilla con efecto deslavado.
Siempre he considerado que el hecho de que sepas que colores o formas te definen no significa que ya no le puedas variar, al contrario, eso solomente te ayuda a poder experimentar mas.

You well known that my style is based in blue and black as color but I always try to get me out of my comfort zone with new textures and forms. That's why I'm trying to do with this look wearing blue in some many ways: in my geometric shirt and my varsity jacket and finishing with my denim shoes.
Because knowing what fits with your style doesn't mean that you can not be more creative, it's the oppositive, knowing it you can explore and do infinite of combination.

Opening Ceremony Geometric Shirt
River Island Varsity Jacket
 Khaki Chinos
Bershka Belt
Status Anxiety Wallet
ASOS Bleach Denim Derby
Romwe Rings



  1. Jacket and shoes...oh my, perfect choice!!! And it seems it is getting bit colder there, or it was just a day without sun?
    I hope you are doing well =)
    Have a fine day,
    Michael / facebook

  2. El combo del look es increíble Izael ! creo que me he enamorado de tus zapatos !!!!!!!!!!


  3. shoes<3
    Btw i adore the color blue too :)


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