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Today, I have the pleasure to work with a brand that I have been shopping since I discovered them.
I'm talking about Romwe. One of my favorite brands, and I know that their products are for a woman
but that doesn't stop me to wear them because it's more challenge to wear womenswear in a menswear way 
than wear just simple menswear clothing. That's so easy!
 It's about being clever with your outfit decisions. Like, it doesn't look like a female sweater right?
Btw, I found this print very funny because it remind me to Tumblr popular tattoos photos
do you know which photos I am talking about right? those pictures about the birds flying, feathers transforming into birds... 
very popular pictures I think. I believe that they've million reblogs.
So it's really cool not tattooed to yourself the birds, instead, wear the tattoo.
Also, it's fun fact that one of my favorite songs is Blackbird by The Beatles 
and this sweater is just perfect to remind me that beautiful song.
Shop this awesome sweater HERE.
Kipzia G on camera.

Romwe Sweater ASOS Trousers Levi's Oxfords


  1. AMAZING look!


  2. Izael, yo también creo que como hombres podemos usar algunas prendas de mujeres, porque de hecho en esa tienda (Romwe) he visto muchos jumpers que me gustan, como el que presentas ahora, se trata de saber combinar las cosas, te queda perfecto!


  3. Desde luego si es de mujer, no influye para nada en la silueta masculina!! Me gusta como te queda y me parece que existen muchas prendas versátiles, yo suelo comprarme un montón de ropa de hombre, sobre todo sudaderas y camisas y mi novio a veces se lleva sudaderas de mujer, ya que tienen prints chulos que están de moda, como tu sudadera!
    Me encanta tu look y tu estilo, también la expresividad de tus fotos :)
    Te mando besos y te deseo un feliz finde!!

  4. Great look man. Women wear mens clothes all the time I don't see a problem the other way around. Top is great!!!

  5. Soy del mismo pensamiento, uso ropa masculina como camisas, pantalones, sudaderas y playeras. Así que mientras te sientas cómodo adelante.
    Tu look esta genial.

  6. Me encantan las fotos!!

  7. The sweater is great!! i love it!!!

  8. What an amazing outfit, I love everything about it, especially the sweeter, what great details!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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