Two Things That I Missed


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Photos by Kipzia G.

De las cosas que mas extrañaba de estar en casa es salir a patinar pues es de las actividades que mas me relajan y no pude llevarme conmigo la patineta a la ciudad. Y otra cosa que extrañaba es usar short shorts pues en la ciudad hay tanto frío que no puedo darme el lujo pero aquí es totalmente distinto, así que aprovecho todas las oportunidades que tengo para usarlos. Asi que estas fotos fueron todo un gusto hacerlas.


 There are some things that I missed from my hometown like skating and wear short shorts so when I am here I don't like to loose my time and immediately start to do my favorite hobbies like take pictures. Also the sweater weather is still here so I am enjoying it before it ends.
I'm planning to update my blog many times this month so don not get surprised. I am taking advantage of my winter vacations and I have tons of outfits that I want to share with you.

Choies Sweater
Vintage Shorts
Zara Loafers
Zara Belt
Romwe Bracelet
Romwe Rings



  1. I am in love with your sweater <3

    Michael / facebook

  2. I love your sweater! Nice blog by the way!


  3. Me declaro fan de tus zapatos,

  4. Impressive look. Great stylish shoes!
    Couldnt imagine that you was a skater! Enjoy your hometown :)

    Helô, from Vestido do dia


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