New Directions

New Directions

New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions New Directions

As I said in my latest post, one has to start a new year in a special way.
So I went to the beach again, cause that's one of my favorite places on earth.
I put together a comfortable outfit in black and white cause I wanted to start this year
with basic colors; and new shoes. That's right CHOIES send me these boots
 some weeks ago but I save them for special occasion ... like a new start. 
As my tittle says, I have planned new directions in my life for this 2014.
I want you all know everything but I want to be a surprise for you! and of course fo me too
Well I'm going to give you some clues: new collaborations, a new city and of course... new clothes.
I hope you follow my steps as you did in 2013 to see all I have been prepared for you this year.
I'm really grateful with you guys, for be there every update, every comment 
and follow on all my social networks. I really hope that this 2014 you do 
all you have been proposed cause that's what I'm going to do.
Always love guys, always.

Choies Cut Out Boots
Reclaimed Vintage Jacket
Zara Fedora and Jeans
Beshka Shirt
Meows and Craft Necklace
Daferro Bracelets

New Directions


  1. Hola Izael!!!
    Quiero desearte un feliz 2014, lleno de logros, tanto personales como profesionales y felicidad!
    Tienes un bog muy trendy, que siempre visito en busca de prendas especiales o alguna idea original! Sigue así toy boy :)))))
    Te mando besitos

  2. cool outfit!!
    love from head to toe :D
    Btw Happy New Year :)

  3. Me encanta la chaqueta, esta genial. Las fotos están maravillosas.

  4. Como molan las fotos! un look genial

    conestiloalcubo Blog

  5. Bueno Izael, feliz año nuevo!!! veo que llevas muchos planes para este año y espero que salgan =). El look no me puede gustar más, llevo buscando una botas de este estilo desde hace meses pero aun estoy en su busqueda. La chaqueta es amor.
    Un super saludo y un abrazo

  6. Que buenas fotos, me encantan esos zapatos :)

  7. In love with your shoes! :) xx


  8. Espero que todos tus planes para el 2014 se cumplan con éxito. Hay que estar siempre en busca de nuevas direcciones para que la vida no deje de tener sentido. Hay que vivirla de una forma interesa para después de no haberte arrepentido por desaprovecharla.


  9. happy new year Izael!

    kisses :)

  10. Me encantan esos botas, es genial!! Un look perfecto (:

    Happy New Year!

  11. wow! the photos are amazing!:) and I love the cut out boots!

  12. Happy new year.-
    great pics and blog, i love your outfits,you look amazing in it!
    can we follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and instagram? if you are interested pls put a comment on my blog after doing the follows and I will follow you back right away. if you like my blog ofcourse, thanks :)


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